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Master Your Organization's Data

Regardless of census size, home health agencies around the nation fail to manage their staff resources effectively. Most agency executives have no idea they're leaving money on the table—and they see no viable solution for ongoing staff complaints about long hours and burnout. Do you think your agency can do better?

Top 6 Reasons to Improve Your Agency's Clinical Resource Management

  Cut Costs

Driving mileage and driving time can be reduced up to 70% by most agencies by using a computer model to calculate visit schedules and routes. Even agencies that use a mileage program such as Mileage Advisor or CellTrak can still cut mileage in half with better scheduling.

  Increase Profits

With Medicare funding slashed, agencies must find ways to operate more economically to survive. With more efficient resource management, your existing staff can spend less time on the road and more time caring for patients-or caring for more patients.

  Reduce Staff Turnover

Overworked clinicians want to earn more money or get their visits done faster. Reduced drive time lets them lets them finish their work days earlier, reducing burnout and improving retention rates. Cutting drive times can also allow you to raise quotas without hurting retention.

  Solve the Hiring Squeeze

If your agency could fulfill its annual visit forecast with 80% of its staff, the task of finding and hiring new clinicians would lose much of its urgency. More effective clinical resource management can slash the resources necessary to meet the needs of your census.

  Save the Planet

On average, every mile driven by a passenger car in the United States generates 0.86 pounds of greenhouse gas in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2). If your agency reduces mileage by 50,000 miles, that prevents 21.5 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year. (Figures from the Federal Highway Administration.) Operating an agency that is more green than your competitors can be a powerful tool to help recruit top talent.

  Improve Your Finances

Don't wait months or years to see a return on your investment. Major improvements to your resource management efficiency typically pay for themselves in the first month they are implemented. To learn more about the level of resource efficiency at your agency, download our white paper today, or contact us to schedule your private consultation.

Yes! We Can Help With That!

  • Product Development
    We have full product development life cycle experience from conceptualization to implementation.
  • Data & Business Intelligence
    If you struggle with obtaining meaningful data across lines of business or across software systems, an analytics suite may be the solution you need.
  • Employee Turnover
    Home Health employees who use our scheduling and routing product do less driving, which means they finish their documentation and work days earlier. Happier employees means less turnover and decreased recruiting and training costs, as well as improved continuity of care.
  • Visit Management
    Use Auto Calling to decrease patient calls to the office inquiring about clinician schedules and to decrease missed visits. For Home Health, 13-19 Visit Management is coming soon!
  • Service Contact Center
    If you need the services of a call center and help desk, we can help. Our highly trained professionals make customer service their priority.
  • Not Sure What You Need?
    No problem. Just give us a call, and tell us your concerns. With over 80 years of health care and technology experience, we will work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs and your budget.
  • Vendor Agnostic

    No matter which sector of the health care industry you are in, we have tools to strengthen your business outlook. We are also system agnostic. We can work with your existing software to give you the results you need.

  • What They are Saying

    The analysis tools made my data available in a Rubik's cube of sorts. I can analyze it one way, then twist the cube to analyze it another way. The Analytics Suite is just the tool I need to pull my data together and make it meaningful.
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